KC North Spine & Joint Center Preceptor Program Requirements


  • We will provide a positive learning environment with a functional treatment philosophy.
  • Preceptor is responsible for his/her own housing.
  • Preceptor will have set hours to work at the clinic.
  • Preceptor must have MPI or motion-palpation background.
  • Preceptor must have functional rehabilitation training, or at least have the desire to learn rehab and functional assessment.
  • Preceptor must have taken either an Active Release Techniques or Graston/FAKTR course.
  • Preceptor must at least match our level of attire, which is slacks and polo; however, you do NOT have to wear a tie or clinic jacket.
  • Preceptor must be willing to use our computer software program for patient documentation and scheduling.

  • Contact:

    Pete Casey, DC
    Justin Hildebrand, DC
    KC North Spine & Joint Center
    8357 NW Barrybrooke Dr.
    Kansas City, MO 64151

    P: 816 584-0413

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