Chiropractic Masters Series

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Gait       Dynamic Treatment of the Golfer
Whiplash Associated Disorders       Shoulder
Temporomandibular Joint and Cervical spine       Disc
Sports Summit

The idea of the Master Series courses is to bring together experienced doctors and students to discuss more advanced topics. We understand that a seasoned chiropractor needs less time for palpation and adjusting. So, we have added a module just for you, "The Masters Series." Often, instructors are added that are not part of the MPI faculty. These doctors are experts in their field of knowledge and will bring a different perspective to the seminar series. We pride ourselves in the Master Series with making the courses applicable for Monday morning. These in depth classes are organized and packed with practical information and having multiple instructors provides a unique learning experience. Motion palpation remains our foundation, however we will continue to develop Dr. Len Faye's original model of continuous learning by adding new treatment techniques and ideas. This includes more precise and efficient patient evaluation methods, rehabilitation and exercise, mobilizations, soft-tissue treatments, and even new ideas on adjustments.

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