Molski Chiropractic, McKinney, Texas preceptor program requirements

For the preceptor position/externship at Molski Chiropractic, it is easier if we clarify some of the details of this position ahead of time. This will cover some of the things required by you, and by us.

  • Molski Chiropractic will provide a learning environment for the preceptor.
  • Molski Chiropractic will provide housing for the length of the preceptorship.
  • Molski Chiropractic does not provide a salary or provide benefits outside of housing and a learning environment.
  • This is a full time position and the hours will be scheduled according to the preceptor requirements.
  • The preceptor will have set hours to work and will need to be responsible for those hours. We need to be able to depend on the preceptor during those set hours.
  • The preceptor must be able to take x-rays in our office with just a brief review of our machine.
  • The preceptor must be able to do our patient examinations, both the upper quadrant exam and the lower quadrant exam.
  • The preceptor needs to be able to interpret x-rays and write reports on the films.
  • It is helpful, but not mandatory, that the preceptor have a working knowledge of Functional Training as outlined in Liebenson's book Rehabilitation of the Spine.
  • The preceptor needs to be able to do our low tech rehab and assisted stretches, again from Liebenson's text.
  • The preceptor must be willing to use our computer software program for patient documentation.

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