The Spine & Neuromuscular Associates of SEI PSC preceptor program requirements

  • Dress - Where shirt and tie or clinic jacket[preferred]
  • Logbooks – Keep your logbooks daily, do not allow them to get behind more then 24 hours
  • Be on time! If your not 10 minutes early, you’re 5 minutes late!
  • You will get a time card and punch in and punch out
  • During shadow time or observation, do not ask questions during the process. Keep a small notebook in your pocket to note any questions or patients names that you want to discuss for later.
  • You will be asked to go shadow several MD’s during procedures and surgery during your time here
  • You will be going to other office’s to observe
  • You will be referred to in the office as Dr. Legge; You are considered a Senior Chiropractic Intern in this office during your stay and training. We are an off campus teaching facility. We are sanctioned by the Indiana Board of Chiropractic Examiners.
  • You will be doing most of the new patient exams and x-rays
  • You will be expected to formulate diagnosis/analysis, treatment plans, and to triage. You are to discuss these at designated times with your sponsoring DC.
  • You will be expected to work at every position in the clinic, from cleaning to Front Desk.
  • You are to show respect to the staff and follow their instructions. If you have a problem with anything they ask you to do, you are to come to your preceptor for instructions. Don’t correct them or disrespect them
  • You will have a schedule that you are expected to keep. It is subject to change, but you must clear it with Dr Carrico first.

During you're stay here you will learn from the following people about the following subjects.

- Book keeping-collections-AR {Accounts Receivable} Understanding EOB's. Indiana Medicaid Rules and billing CPT's Researching the various insurance carriers and understanding the best CPT code usage for maximum re-imbursement.

- Billing-staff hiring -hippa requirements. EOD and balancing

- X-ray technique-equipment-exams-ordering supplies

- Insurance verification - phone call technique - patient recalls and reminders Referrals for testing and pre-certs for tests - EOD and balancing. Posting charges.

- Appointments -- Filing system- Keeping a clean and presentable workplace, trash removal. Patient procedures in physio-therapy - EGS- You are expected to review our physiotherapy procedures and make suggestions to Dr Carrico for changes to bring us to better model and more appropriate and effective policies and procedures.

-Pediatrics and soft tissue. Extremity manipulation discussions. Orthotics and uses.

- Patient referrals - 1st & 2nd day procedures - marketing - office policies - forms & procedures - communication skills - interdisciplinary communication. PI/WC case management and court room preparation. Examination procedures and findings - TX & patient management -outcomes measurement - Doctor / patient protocol - record keeping options for each type financial class -liability - extremities. Proper measurement and use of heel lifts.

Thomas J. Carrico D.C.
President & Clinic Director
The Spine & Neuromuscular Associates of SEI PSC
120 Industrial Dr.
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025
812 537-5616

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